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get creative with a home office that inspires your best work with our sustainably stylish furniture, desk accessories and small storage

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braided round rug

HK$476.00 HK$595.00 options available
I'm 20% off

terra glow Everest floor lamp

HK$5,400.00 HK$6,750.00
I'm 20% off

terra glow Kilimanjaro table lamp

HK$1,960.00 HK$2,450.00
I'm 20% off

basic showcase with 2 doors, 3 drawers

HK$14,450.00 options available

mini sculpted root table lamp

HK$556.00 HK$695.00
I'm 20% off

crena wall shelf unit - double

HK$15,160.00 HK$18,950.00 options available
I'm 20% off

studio multi rack with 2 sliding doors

HK$19,160.00 HK$23,950.00
I'm 20% off

ultimate player bean bag

HK$3,350.00 options available

bok adjustable desk

HK$12,950.00 options available

terracotta teardrop vase

HK$122.50 HK$245.00 options available
I'm 50% off

oscar rack with 5 sliding doors

HK$26,360.00 HK$32,950.00
I'm 20% off

modesto hand loomed rug

HK$2,200.00 HK$2,750.00 options available
I'm 20% off
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