Mid-Autumn madness

with the festival falling on the 15th of the lunar calendar, we’re offering 15% off round items. and that’s not all – we’re also taking 15% off our lighting to celebrate the moon’s radiance on this special occasion.

whether you’re browsing online or in-store, it’s time to get ‘round to these delicious deals!

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tuareg coffee table - round

HK$2,450.00 HK$2,082.50 options available

tuareg wall rack - round

HK$2,950.00 HK$2,507.50 options available

tuareg set of 2 coffee tables - round

HK$4,950.00 HK$4,207.50

osso coffee table - round

HK$8,450.00 HK$7,182.50

soul coffee table - round

HK$4,950.00 HK$4,207.50 options available

circle dining table - round

HK$26,950.00 HK$22,907.50 options available

natural lighting natural's own table lamp

HK$1,950.00 HK$1,657.50

natural lighting seagrass table lamp

HK$2,450.00 HK$2,082.50 options available

natural lighting circular table lamp

HK$1,950.00 HK$1,657.50 options available

natural lighting cactus table lamp

HK$1,450.00 HK$1,232.50 options available

dinky tray - round

HK$695.00 HK$590.75

reflections tray - geometry

HK$950.00 HK$807.50 options available
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