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decorative accessories & vases

from vases to bird cages and lanterns, our decorative accessories are sure to give your home a lovingly layered, personalised look

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rattan hurricane wall art

HK$497.50 HK$995.00 options available
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recycled glass rounded vase

HK$925.00 options available

recycled glass bud vase

HK$595.00 options available

marble teardrop vase

HK$495.00 options available

terracotta faceted footed vase

HK$222.50 HK$445.00
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terracotta two-tone organic bowl

HK$297.50 HK$595.00
I'm 50% off

rattan stripes bowl with handle

HK$625.00 HK$1,250.00 options available
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terracotta branches lantern

HK$397.50 HK$795.00 options available
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marble picture frame

HK$295.00 options available

korosi wall decoration

HK$975.00 HK$1,950.00 options available
I'm 50% off
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