this OAKtober, we’re offering 20% off all our oak wood furniture. take your pick from dining tables, storage solutions, coffee tables and so much more, and let your home bask in oak and all its gold-grained glory.

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klasik armchair

HK$7,950.00 HK$6,360.00

klasik 2 seater sofa

HK$10,950.00 HK$8,760.00

klasik 3 seater sofa

HK$13,950.00 HK$11,160.00

vintage coffee table - tripod

HK$3,950.00 HK$3,160.00 options available

circa17 step ladder

HK$2,950.00 HK$2,360.00 options available

wishbone side table

HK$1,950.00 HK$1,560.00 options available

twist bench

HK$8,450.00 HK$6,760.00 options available

circa17 dining table square

HK$4,950.00 HK$3,960.00 options available

vintage bench

HK$1,950.00 HK$1,560.00 options available

simply city standing mirror & shelf

HK$5,250.00 HK$4,200.00 options available

M multi rack

HK$14,950.00 HK$11,960.00 options available

simply city ladder shelves with drawer & niche

HK$4,750.00 HK$3,800.00 options available
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