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your living room look starts here: whether you're searching for sleek style or cosy comfort, we've got statement-making sofas and armchairs you'll love to sink into

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lazy time L-shape sofa - left

HK$29,950.00 options available

lazy time L-shape sofa - right

HK$29,950.00 options available

era 3 seater sofa


lazy time 4 seater sofa

HK$24,950.00 options available

amor angled sofa - left

HK$29,950.00 HK$23,960.00 options available

amor angled sofa - right

HK$29,950.00 HK$23,960.00 options available

lazy time 3 seater sofa

HK$22,450.00 options available

amor L-shape sofa - right

HK$24,950.00 HK$19,960.00  

amor L-shape sofa - left

HK$24,950.00 HK$19,960.00  

lodge luxe 3 seater sofa

HK$19,950.00 options available

notting 2 seater sofa

HK$16,950.00 options available

crescent 3 seater sofa

HK$19,950.00 HK$15,960.00  

lazy time 2 seater sofa

HK$15,950.00 options available

crescent 2 seater sofa

HK$18,950.00 HK$15,160.00  
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