​Small space series: flexible furniture that works hard for you

13 August 2021

It's easy to feel restricted on space when working with smaller square footage. Fret not – there are plenty of flexible furniture designs at TREE that work hard for your petite but chic abode! In today’s bLOG post, we highlight a selection of furniture that can be used in more ways than one, adding both versatility and style to your home.

The double-duty desk

A desk with plenty of compartments integrated into its design (like our Circa17 desk in FSC™-certified solid teak) enables you to turn your room into a stylish multipurpose space. Keep your daily makeup essentials neatly tucked away in one section to create a vanity station – we even recommend attaching a small mirror to the inside of one compartment as it helps getting ready a little easier. The additional drawer and niches provide plenty of space for stationery and important documents, allowing this piece to double as a cool and compact home office when you need to work from home. With compartments for all your belongings, you can maintain a clean and clutter-free surface when your desk isn’t in use!

Featured: Circa17 desk

Part storage, part workspace

When looking for flexible furniture suited for small space living, we like to look for pieces that have adjustable components so that they can be tailored to your changing requirements. Our Crena shelf (in 100% sustainably sourced solid walnut) has just that, with three shelves and a flip-down door compartment that can be adjusted in height. Here, we’ve demonstrated how these parts can be evenly spaced out for a clean, stylish and functional storage unit to display books and finishing touches.

We know personal style and needs naturally change over time – take this past year as an example, when work-from-home arrangements were in place and many were suddenly in need of a functional home office. With a little adjusting, Crena can be transformed into a petite but chic workspace, with one of the shelf components offering a surface for your computer, stationery and a table lamp. You can then change its configuration again when you’re no longer in need of a desk!

Featured: Crena wall shelf unit | Circa17 side table

A hard-working wall

Feel like your compact home doesn’t have enough space to accommodate extra furniture? Walls can offer additional real estate to work with – it’s just a matter of utilising them cleverly! For example, a hanging rack lets you make use of your vertical space, and are an especially useful piece for small space living.

While our rod magazine rack, made from reclaimed teak and black painted iron detailing, offers a stylish place to keep your literature in your living room or workspace, it can also be used in other parts of your home where storage is needed but space is limited. Consider hanging it in your kitchen to corral your dining and serveware, creating a beautiful display that lends a warm, farmhouse feel to your space. Or, if you have a foyer that is too small for a shoe cabinet, why not opt for these racks as a fun way to store your footwear!

Featured: Rod hanging magazine rack

The ultimate in sofa bed design

Sofa beds are one of our top recommended pieces for those who love to be the host with the most, and our Achillas sofa bed is no exception. Beautifully upholstered with matt black steel legs, this flexible furniture design features a pocket spring mattress that offers the same support and comfort as a real bed would.

Featured: Achillas sofa bed | Vintage nesting tables | Dabu bookrack 

What’s special about Achillas is that it takes on a clever modular concept that enables you to make the most out of this multifunctional piece! Style it as a sofa for everyday use, and transform it into a double bed for overnight guests, or even into a set of single beds if you have two guests staying over. These beds also work wonderfully as benches, providing ample seating for larger gatherings. Indeed, the possibilities are endless with Achillas!

We hope this blog post helps you find the beauty in small space living – with the right flexible furniture and with a little creativity, you’ll certainly be able to make use of every inch of your home. Stay tuned for next month’s small space series blog post, where we delve into our top tips for styling a petite but chic abode!

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