Home tour: a lovingly light home

29 April 2020

We are delighted to take you on a virtual tour around a three-bedroom show flat styling project, which Kerry Properties kindly invited us to work on and is located in their luxury residential development, Mantin Heights.

For this apartment, we wanted to place an emphasis on solid wood furniture crafted from sustainably sourced European oak, which we used generously throughout the space for a cohesive look. Its light and creamy tones paired seamlessly with the unit’s wooden flooring, giving way to an open and airy look that invites plenty of natural light in.

For the living room, we wanted to add a splash of colour without detracting from the space’s cool yet calm setting, and thus opted for blues reminiscent of the world’s tranquil waters. A sumptuous azure sofa, hand-painted wall art, and a sprinkle of design details injected just the right amount of vibrancy, while allowing for the resident’s collectibles to shine. We also incorporated versatile pieces like nesting tables and a sofa side table, which provide plenty of table space to entertain guests, and can be easily stacked or tucked away to free up floor space during the children’s play time.

Featured: Amor sofa | Lined teak floor lamp | Wishbone side table | Circa17 tv cabinet | Circa17 hanging cabinet with 1 drawer, 1 shelf | Nature's own table lamp | Circa17 hanging cabinet with 1 shelf

The master bedroom adopts a more muted, neutral colour palette to match the room’s sense of tranquility. Our Nordic collection also crafted from solid European oak was the perfect collection to incorporate into this space, with its clean lines creating a calm ambience typical of Scandinavian design, all the while highlighting the texture and character of the solid wood’s grains. A medley of throw cushions creates an inviting sleeping nest to enjoy peaceful evenings and long lie-ins, while a patterned rug and wall décor piece add subtle texture and define the space.

Top: Nordic bed | Herringbone chambray quilt | Nordic bedside table | Fringed velvet cushion
Bottom: kd wardrobe

Practical yet full of whimsy, the kid’s bedroom was designed with a child’s inquisitive nature in mind. A bold, kid-friendly palette is paired with illustration wallpaper of a European town, inviting the little one to be transported into a new realm. On one side of the room sits a bed – the perfect spot to tuck in and dream of endless excursions – with plenty of box storage underneath to hide precious treasure. Bookshelves with matching boxes line the other side of the room and are filled with playful touches that give this room plenty to look at.

Top: Pure and simple bed | Pure and simple underbed drawer
Bottom: Circa17 bookcase

Multi-functionality takes centre stage in the third room, which was styled to meet the needs of a home office and a guest room. Here, we opted for a plush velvet sofa perfect for lounging on a lazy afternoon, with curved arms that can be easily flattened down to create a cosy sleeper when guests stay over. Meanwhile, the desk crafted from solid European oak features a clever flip-open compartment, allowing residents to use this space-saving piece as a desk or a vanity.

Top: Ghia sofa bed | Wishbone side table
Bottom: Twist dining chair | Circa17 desk | Mini stacked branches table lamp

We hope you enjoyed today’s home tour, and that our show flat styling project inspires you to create a lovingly light look in your home!

These Mantin Heights show flats were designed by TREE’s in-house styling team. Moving into a new home, or working on an interior design or commercial project? Get in touch with us for a complimentary initial consultation and let us help turn your design vision into a reality.

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