shipping & delivery

you don’t have to live around the corner to get your hands on that TREE piece you love. we deliver our eco-chic furniture all around the world, direct to your door. throughout the process, you can be assured of world-class delivery with that personal TREE service that keeps our customers coming back time and again.

here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions to help make the process easy and stress-free:


Q1. what can I expect to pay for local delivery?

our delivery fees* are determined on your location:

Hong Kong: HK$350
Kowloon: HK$350
New Territories: HK$350
Discovery Bay: HK$500

this one-off fee is fixed, no matter how many products we are delivering to you.

if you prefer to pick up your pieces directly from our Horizon Plaza flagship shop, just let us know – we will happily arrange for them to be packed and ready for self-collection.

Q2. how quickly can I expect my purchase to be delivered?

we always do our best to coordinate a delivery date and time that best suits your needs.

if any of your items are not in immediate stock and are being ordered for you, our sales staff will be in touch to arrange delivery as soon as they have arrived in our warehouse.

just ask our sales staff when you purchase your items and they will work out the best arrangement for you!

Q3. do you offer installation?

yes, the delivery fee (see Q1) includes full unpacking and installation service. additional fees will only be incurred when there is no lift in the building or your items will not fit in the lift, and the delivery team has to use the staircase. these fees will be worked out on a case by case basis. See Q11 for more clarification on staircase use.

Q4. do you deliver to all locations in Hong Kong?

for customers living in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories and Discovery Bay, we can deliver your purchase straight to your home. see Q1 for delivery fees.

for customers living on outlying islands, we can only deliver to the nearest port. you will then need to arrange for another delivery company to meet our team. this is due to restrictions in our delivery permit. we would be happy to recommend to you a list of delivery companies operating in outlying islands who can transport the items from the port to your home.

once the items arrive at your home, we can arrange for our delivery team to come to unpack and assemble for you if desired.

Q5. when will I be contacted regarding the delivery of my purchase?

we will contact you at two points during the delivery process:

1) before the delivery date, we will contact you to re-confirm your name, number and address for delivery

2) on the delivery day, our team will contact you around 30-60 minutes before arriving at your home.

Q6. what if I am not home during the scheduled delivery window?

if our delivery team cannot reach you by phone before arriving at your home, they will still ring the doorbell and check with the management of your apartment to see if you are in - just in case you might have popped out for a second while waiting for us!

if we confirm that no one is at home, our delivery team will wait for a maximum of 15 minutes. after that, they will leave a card stating that they have been there and instructing you to contact our sales team to reschedule the delivery.

if our delivery team has to return because you were not at home at the agreed upon time window on the first occasion, an additional delivery fee may be incurred.

Q7. what if the delivery team is running late?

occasionally we may not be able to deliver at the agreed-on time due to traffic or delay from a previous delivery. in these cases, we will call to inform you of our estimated time of arrival.

Q8. what can I expect during the delivery?

the delivery team will call you approximately 30-60 minutes prior to their arrival to let you know they are on their way. once our team arrives, they will bring in your furniture by the lift or stairs, as agreed, and do any assembling that may be required (a complimentary TREE service). once all furniture has been unpacked and assembled, our team will ask you to do a quality check of the items, so we can quickly address any issues that may arise. after you have completed your quality check, our team will ask you to sign the invoice stating that all the items were delivered in good condition. then, they will remove all the packing materials and leave your home to let you enjoy your beautiful new furniture!

our team can also help you remove and dispose of your old furniture. For more details on this, please ask our friendly sales team.

Q9. how can I help ensure a successful delivery?

please try to provide us with accurate delivery details and make sure to be home at the agreed-upon time window. we would also appreciate you making room for us to assemble your furniture wherever you would like it to be placed in your home.

Q10. can the delivery team move or dispose of my old furniture?

we would be happy to help you dispose of your old furniture. please inform our sales team prior to delivery and they will send you our disposal price list, as different items will incur different disposal fees. where possible we will look to donate your unwanted items of furniture to Hong Kong charities.

Q11. what if my purchase does not fit the lift?

wherever possible we will deliver your furniture via the lift, as long as the pieces fit. if you are not sure of fit, we would be more than happy to come and measure the lift prior to delivery so that we can advise if stair charges are applicable or not. if the pieces don’t fit in the lift, we are happy to carry your pieces up the stairs, but please understand that carrying furniture up and down stairs is hard work and incurs an industry-standard fee, which goes directly to the delivery boys who do the heavy lifting. the fee is based on the numbers of stairs, which our sales team would be happy to review with you during the ordering process. please note, this fee is not added to your invoice but is payable directly to the delivery team on the day.

Q12. what if there is a problem with my new furniture upon delivery (i.e.: damaged goods)?

please check your items carefully and let us know if you have any issues with your purchase upon delivery. our delivery team will revert back to our sales team who will contact you directly to discuss how we can help rectify any issues as we want you to be absolutely happy with your new TREE purchase(s).

Q13. what if I notice a problem with my new furniture after the delivery is completed?

according to our Terms & Conditions, if you find any problems with your new purchases within seven days of delivery, you can contact our sales team at +852-2870-1582 or at please provide a photo if possible.

please note that for most items, except of course in the case of faulty goods, we operate a no refund, return or exchange policy. please check the Terms & Conditions of your items carefully during your purchase. on the delivery day, our delivery team will ask you to inspect all of the items and sign the invoices to acknowledge that they are received in good condition.


Q1. what charges can I expect to pay to have my purchase shipped?

for overseas purchases, the prices will vary based on the volume of items ordered and your location. our sales team will work with you to provide a quotation and delivery details on a case-by-case basis.

Q2. how quickly can I expect my shipped item(s) to arrive?

we can typically arrange for delivery pick-up within 7-10 days of your order confirmation. afterwards, shipping time will vary depending on your location and the volume of items.

Q3. how can I expect the shipping process to work?

once your order is confirmed, our sales team will contact the forwarding company of your choice or, if you prefer, one that we can recommend for you, to book in a collection date. you can rest assured that we will do a quality check of the items before packing however we request that you, or a person nominated on your behalf, also thoroughly checks your purchase(s) to confirm they are in good order. the forwarding company will contact you directly with tracking information on your order and will double check and re-pack all the furniture before shipping.

Q4. when will I be contacted regarding the delivery of my purchase?

our sales team will confirm delivery logistics upon confirmation of the order. the forwarding company will also contact you separately with specific tracking information so you can follow the progress of your order.

Q5. what if I am not home during the scheduled delivery window?

our forwarding company will leave you a message to let you know that they attempted to deliver. you will then need to contact them directly to rearrange delivery on a suitable date.

Q6. what if there is a problem with my new furniture upon or after delivery (i.e.: damaged goods)?

please ensure that you, or a person nominated on your behalf, check your items very carefully before they are picked up by the forwarding company. once your purchase(s) have left our warehouse, the relationship passes to yourself and the forwarding company so please understand that we cannot be held liable for any issues that occur during shipment. insurance options will be offered by the forwarding company and we would highly recommend ensuring adequate cover for your new TREE purchases.

if you have a Shipping or Delivery question we’ve not answered, or if you would like to place an order for domestic or overseas shipping, we’d love to hear from you. please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

happy shipping!

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handcrafted, solid eco-wood furniture, from our heart to your home handcrafted, solid eco-wood furniture, from our heart to your home