our family

what's in a name?

the name 'TREE' is so much more than branches and roots - it is a symbol of life and growth, of strength and solidity. as a tree grows, it invites families to gather beneath its branches, to create new and enduring memories. in the same way, we create enduring eco-wood furniture with the strength to grow with you and your loved ones over time. we could not do this without the support of our wonderful team of staff and suppliers. take a moment to meet our team - the real branches and roots of our ever-growing family TREE!

meet our family

each month, we give you the opportunity to get to know a member of our team a bit better, and pick up some top TREE tips in the process.

what's your name?


what do you do at TREE?
Since I joined the TREE family in 2010, I’ve been working in the sales department, and am now an Assistant Sales Manager. My role is to provide advice to clients and assist new members as they settle into our lovely team.

what is your most memorable TREE moment?
I still remember when I started at TREE, I didn’t know much English. I'm very appreciative of the TREE family and all of my lovely team members, who gave me the support to learn and practice a new language.

what is your top TREE tip?
Nothing is impossible – there are so many ways we can live a more sustainable lifestyle and make a difference. Recycling is always better than wasting!