giving back is not so much something we do at TREE as it is something we are.

the very core of our business is built around giving. we care deeply about the origins of the eco-wood from which our furniture is crafted. whether it is FSC™-certified, reclaimed from abandoned Indonesian houses or boats, or sustainably sourced, we protect and give back to our planet’s natural resources through every single piece.

learn more about our commitment to sustainability here.

we’re passionate about our planet, and through our long-standing partnership with Trees4Trees, we continually plant new trees to keep our natural forests replenished for future generations to enjoy. in 2016, some of our TREE family travelled to Java, Indonesia, where we learned first-hand how these initiatives have supported local communities, and contributed to building new forests by planting our very own trees. our planet is precious – let’s protect it!

it’s in our nature to want to help people in need in any way we can, whenever we can. TREE, along with our caring customer base, have helped communities recover from devastating natural disasters, from Nepal to Haiti and beyond. we work with local children’s charities to put a smile on the faces of children facing hardship through special events and donation drives. because when it comes to helping others, both TREE staff and our customers share a heart for giving back to the world around them.

with TREE, you get more than a beautiful home – you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’re supporting a brand that has giving back at the heart of everything we are.

TREE is committed to giving back by...

using eco-wood that is
recycled or

working with
Trees4Trees to
replenish our
natural forests

protecting our
through beach and
forest cleanups

through charitable