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what's in a name?

the name 'TREE' is so much more than branches and roots - it is a symbol of life and growth, of strength and solidity. as a tree grows, it invites families to gather beneath its branches, to create new and enduring memories. in the same way, we create enduring eco-wood furniture with the strength to grow with you and your loved ones over time. we could not do this without the support of our wonderful team of staff and suppliers. take a moment to meet our team - the real branches and roots of our ever-growing family TREE!

meet our family

each month, we give you the opportunity to get to know a member of our team a bit better, and pick up some top TREE tips in the process.

what's your name?

what do you do at TREE?
I work on our shop floor as a Senior Sales Executive. I've been at TREE for seven years so I'm practically a walking TREE encyclopaedia - come by and ask me anything!

what does TREE mean to you?
I have been with TREE almost since the beginning and can honestly say that it is like being at home with my second family. everyday I get to work with a diverse group of amazing people! I feel very proud to be a part of the growing family TREE and the work we're doing to help create a more sustainable world.

what is your top TREE tip?
My top TREE tip would be to remind customers that our natural wood pieces should be cleaned with a damp cloth only - no furniture cleaners like Pledge, or furniture wax, please! there is no need for them and over time they will actually ruin the beautiful natural finish of the wood, which is the very thing that makes TREE products so unique!

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handcrafted, solid eco-wood furniture, from our heart to your home handcrafted, solid eco-wood furniture, from our heart to your home